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Dear affiliate marketer,


Make 75% of every sale paid out to you when you promote the Erectile Dysfunction Guide product.  Your payouts are $11.04/sale!


If you currently have a client list, an on-line newsletter, a website, a blog, forum, write on-line articles, or do PPC marketing, you can easily make money by promoting this men's health e-book.  You can make over $1000/day in commissions promoting this product.  I know that sounds insane (especially if you're a beginner affiliate), but it's time to stop thinking small, and start thinking BIG!


To be honest, this amazing program works, and that's why customers are always satisfied. I have one of the lowest refund rates of any product on clickbank (usually ranges between 1-2% refund rate)


I'm looking for honest, trustworthy people to help spread the word and promote my beneficial program, while earning money for both of us at the same time


f you are interested in becoming a clickbank affiliate of erectile-dysfunction-guide.info, here is the basic info:

  • It is FREE to become an affiliate and only takes about 2 minutes to register and get your affiliate link (Click below to register). If you already have a clickbank account, your affiliate link for this e-book will be:
    http://USERID.name.hop.clickbank.net (be sure to replace USERID with your account nickname)
  • You will make a whopping 75% commission on all sales that originate from your specific link; tracking is done automatically by Clickbank. This is a massive $11.04 per sale that YOU make on each sale.
  • You don't need to worry about product delivery, customer questions, or anything at all...just promote your link and any sales you refer, you will receive checks in the mail every 2 weeks from clickbank.
  • You can use your clickbank affiliate link however you'd like to promote erectile-dysfunction-guide.info However, you cannot spam! We don't want to be associated in any way with dishonest or immoral people.
  • You can use an opt-in mailing list, a website, a free blog or forum, article marketing, a pay-per-click campaign, a youtube channel, a facebook group or even just emails to your friends/colleagues to promote your link and make commissions of $11.04 per sale! Feel free to email my support staff at suport.selfmade [at] gmail.com to further discuss promotional ideas. 

CLICK HERE to configure your clickbank hoplink for Erectile Dysfunction Guide e-book to get started promoting and making money right away. If you don't currently have a clickbank account, it's easy to get started. Just click on the link above to configure your link, and then go to where it says "Click here to sign up first".


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